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Present Litter

Planned Litters







Puppies are a great blessing for us and so we give them a good basis for a new and hopefully long life, so we feed a super premium feed  N&D puppy mini. To support proper joint nutrition we at Aptus Aptoflex and for good coat Salmon oil.
 We give puppies at eight weeks of their lives. Vaccinated, thay wormed, tattoo and chipped. We housetrain them, if possible, in the garden and home to the diapers. They are used to cleaning teeth, ears and trimming nails.
Puppies have contact with children and try them tu have adequate socialization. They are learning basic commands, exhibition stand and learn lure coursing.

Every puppy from us will get a basic package to the new family. Pedigree, passport, pack food, the purchase contract, toy and colar.

For our puppies we look for homes whit dog-loving and kind people. We would to stay whit contact with new owner. New owners at any time can contact us with any question or problem and we will try to advise them and help.

















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